Montreal, Canada

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Check in: 2:00pm

Event start: 3:00pm

Event end: 7:00pm


Montreal is the strangest city in North America. On one hand it has a long history of socialism and militant feminism, but on the other it has girls who are nearly as feminine as their European counterparts, and who operate on an entirely different wavelength than women in Ontario. I plan on staying in Montreal for many weeks to find out whether it’s a good city to visit during the summer, when the European cities empty out and become full of tourists.

Montreal Event Itinerary

2:00-2:30 pm: Event check-in. Please arrive by 2:30pm so the event can begin on time.
3:00 pm: Lecture start.
3:45 pm: 15 minute break
4:00 pm: Q & A session
5:15 pm: 15 minute break
5:30 pm: Meet & greet
7:00 pm: End

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