London, England

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Check in: 2:15pm

Event start: 3:00pm

Event end: 7:00pm

Venue address: [Removed]


The event will take place within the red circle. Link to Google map.

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Even though I’m originally from the United States, the second most popular city that reads my work is London, trialing so closely behind New York City that I wouldn’t be surprised if it soon becomes number one. I believe that is the case for two reasons: (1) England doesn’t have free speech laws that encourage men to speak out more forcefully against the decline their country is facing, and (2) The multicultural experiment in England has occurred much more rapidly than the more gradual changes in America, leading to few cultural commentators who are capable of competently analyzing what’s happening. Both American and English men are facing similar problems, and so should exchange dialogue to come up with solutions for their respective societies.

London Event Itinerary

2:15-2:40 pm: Event check-in. Please arrive by 2:40pm so the event can begin on time.
3:00 pm: Lecture start.
3:45 pm: 15 minute break
4:00 pm: Q & A session
5:15 pm: 15 minute break
5:30 pm: Meet & greet
7:00 pm: End

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Exact Venue Location

The venue location will be added to this page one day before the event. It is being withheld to prevent unattractive feminists from petitioning the event. Please return to this page on July 3, 2015. Use the above vicinity map in the meanwhile for a general location of where the event will be held. Here is a Google Map link so you can examine the neighborhood.

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